“If you want to win, run 100 metres.
If you want an experience, run a marathon.”
Experience the city of pearls and its Hyderabadi spirit in one of the best ways possible; through its signature event- the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon organised by the Hyderabad Runners Society(HRS). Since its inception in 2011, the Hyderabad Marathon has grown leaps and bounds within the span of a decade, going from a humble
1,250 participants in 2011
to becoming the country’s
2nd largest event
(in terms of participation)

But the Hyderabad Marathon isn’t purely a race; it is much more than that. It's an  emotion. Every year, on the last weekend of August, the whole city gets together, irrespective of age, race or religion. Everyone out there on their feet and on the move. The goal was, is and always will be about bringing the city and the community together through the simple acts of walking, jogging and running.

The idea of the Hyderabad Marathon was never to just rack up the number of participants and have them compete to find a winner. The goal of the marathon draws inspiration from the objectives of the Hyderabad Runners Society(HRS). It is to make a winner out of everyone who arrives at the starting line, simply because they made a conscious decision and were willing to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. And to do this while taking in a bit of the iconic city with every stride is just a cherry on the cake.

Furthermore, the marathon also serves as a platform to reach out and support numerous causes by pledging runs. So far, the marathon has been able to raise over ₹ 8,00,000 in funds to uplift those in need of help.

With a full marathon (42.2KM), a half marathon (21.1KM), a 10KM run and a 5KM Run on the roster, the Hyderabad Marathon has something for everyone to take the streets and make it their own for a whole 2 days.

The pure adrenaline rush, the exhilarating excitement, the absolute frenzy…experience the Hyderabadi spirit, experience the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon.

“Don’t just see the city. Feel it.”

Hyderabad Runners Society (HRS)

Hyderabad Runners Society (HRS)is the first group in India to institutionalise running. Founded in May 2007, the primary aim of this not-for-profit society is to help people lead active lifestyles by making running a preferred form of fitness activity. We achieve this end with a three-fold approach- Advocacy, Training & Events.

While liaising with the Government, educational institutions & other organized sections of the society forms the basis for our advocacy arm, we have all-year-long training programs and events. NMDC Hyderabad Marathon, an IAAF-AIMS certified run and India’s toughest city marathon, is the flagship event of Hyderabad Runners Society (HRS), which runners have been coveting since 2011.

Running Groups
7500 members
Active Runners

We strongly believe that running is a community-building exercise which cuts through social barriers & inculcates lifelong skills in young people. With this belief, we work towards creating a stronger community in Hyderabad.

Our Mission
To promote running as the preferred form of exercise in and around the twin cities.
Our Vision
To achieve a fit, athletic and active Hyderabad, by reaching out to every corner of the city.