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Looking to contribute to the community and be a part of the energetic Hyderabad Marathon? We invite you to get involved by volunteering your time!

The NMDC Hyderabad Marathon thrives on the support of an enthusiastic volunteer community. These dedicated individuals form the backbone of the event, embodying the spirit of the race. With their infectious energy, volunteers play a vital role in organizing the event while providing encouragement and support to the runners.

Join our inspiring volunteering community, and we assure you it will be a fun experience! If you need more convincing, here are some reasons why you should volunteer:
Make new friends:
If you're unable to participate in the race due to an injury, volunteering allows you to stay connected with the sport you love in a different capacity.
Experience the event:
The race day and the days leading up to it are filled with high energy. As a volunteer, you'll be part of the adrenaline rush while assisting with race preparations.
Give back to your community:
By volunteering, you have the opportunity to contribute to your community and city in a meaningful way.
Team up with your gang:
We welcome large groups of volunteers and group leaders to help manage various tasks. Bring your friends or colleagues along and enjoy the experience together
We are looking for volunteers and volunteer leaders who can organize and coordinate larger groups. Volunteer leaders play a crucial role in checking in on other volunteers, being present throughout the event, and serving as ambassadors for the marathon.

You can choose to work in different areas, including:
  • Pre-Race (Expo): Assist runners with bib pickups and guide them to the appropriate desks.
  • Crowd Management: Ensure smooth movement and streamline the crowd during the event.
  • Guiding Runners: Help direct runners to collect their bibs and race kits.
  • Race Kit Assembly: Prepare race kits in advance, including race guides and bibs.
  • BIB Distribution: Help direct runners to collect their bibs and race kits.
  • T-Shirt Distribution: Assist runners in collecting the race-day T-shirts.
  • Help Desk: Provide assistance and answer queries from participants and visitors at the expo.
  • Holding Area Crowd Management: Ensure a smooth flow of participants in the holding area.
  • Start Line Management: Maintain order and manage the enthusiastic atmosphere as thousands of runners prepare to start their race.
  • Traffic Closures & Diversions: Help manage traffic closures and direct runners along the race course.
  • Race Day -
    • Start Area: Support runners before their race begins, managing parking, water stations, and baggage collection.
    • Aid Stations: Assist at aid stations along the route, providing water and snacks to runners.
    • Course Marshalls: Provide traffic control, runner control, crowd control, and coordinate with sweep vehicles along the course.
    • Timing Mats: Help place timing mats at strategic locations and ensure accurate timing for runners.
    • Finish Area: Assist with medal distribution, breakfast distribution, parking management, and waste management.
  • Elite Management: Delivering personalized support, accommodation's, specialized amenities, race day assistance, comprehensive post-race recovery resources, and appropriate recognition.
All volunteers will receive
Volunteer T-shirt
Refreshments and meals
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